Monday, June 13, 2011

Live in Philly ya'll!

It was a nice evening on Frankford Ave in the lovely city of Philadelphia June 13 2011.

We played and some other folks played like Jacob Felix Huele, Tony Dryer (they are also Basshaters), Jack Wright, and an ensemble of Philly out jazz folks.

Earlier in the day we had a wonderful time playing music in the Spring Garden house with Jacob, Tony, Jack, Kelvin Pittman, and a trombone player named Dan Blacksburg.

AND YESTERDAY! Yesterday we were blessed with having a FREE 6 hour performance of Morten Feldman's String Quartet #2 being performed at this amazing Episcopalian cathedral here in West Philly. We took turns watching Sonny outsdide and went in for what was a truly amazing sonic experience. Wow.

Its been a blurry day. So many things happened, here's the video snippet from our performance. It felt good. And Sonny had a good time running up and down the sidewalk and finding kids and empty lots to play in. yeah!

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