Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Cassette new cassette NEW CASSETTE!!!

Hammer Of Hathor
The Ineluctable Modality Of The Visible
Goaty Tapes No Cat

New cassette from this psychedelic Portland duo who navigate their way between monochord/Parson Sound-style wipeout, ethno-tinged almost-AACM style percussive improvisation w/plenty of zonked fourth world detail and classic cultic flutes and bongo style levitations ala Kalacakra/Yatha Sidhra/Paivansade et al. “These veterans of instrumental psychedelia offer up a sundry set of new works, rotating between sparse single-instrument meditations, cyclical atmospherics, and some profoundly groovable full-scale jammers. This is Hammer of Hathor at their best, weaving imperceptibly between cool La Monte Young meditations and sweltering Wattstax commotion.” – GT.

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