Friday, January 13, 2012



Its been awhile, things are busy as usual!

We're gearing up to release a bunch of material, new and old.

Stankhouse opted to not do this 12" with us so we're going to put it out ourselves, probably a run of 100-150 by spring, hand screen printed covers, yeah! This is material we recorded while still in Portland and mixed/mastered with Mike Lastra (Smegma). John Golden will do the mastering of course. This record is heavy! 3 electric guitar and drum tracks and as well as tape manipulation/deconstruction and a long dual synth piece that ends in a lock groove!

As well we've begun recording what will be the only Philadelphia material here at our place on Spring Garden St. We've been talking to this great label in Greece called Phase about doing a cassette, stay tuned!

Finally some of you may know this and others may not, but we're relocating to Maine as of the spring. We fell in love with the area and feel it will be a wonderful place to be close to nature, raise a child, and concentrate on creating more art and music!


mark/hathor/sonny klook

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