Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life in Maine, new music, house show!!!

Folks!!! Well, its been a little since anything has happened here. We've been busy! Maybe you already know but we up and moved from Philly to Maine just before April began. This is a huge move and I think its safe to say we've found a place that is just what we've been looking for! Heather works as a bakers assistant in Belfast and Mark works on a farm a few miles from our house. Sonny doesn't have a job yet. I attached a pic of us in front of a huge sugar maple in front of the property. We live in a very old Cape style farmhouse that is just smashing, there's pasture and woods, a huge barn, lots of fresh air and wildlife. We are planting things and building structures for animals to live in. But now to the point of this blog, music music music! We're very happy to announce that the very last of the recordings made in the Harmelodic Haus on Kerby St. in Portland Or. are finally being released, and on a fantastic Athens Greece label called Phase!! This will be a limited run cassette (of course) and features some of our favorite stuff. Alot of this material was recorded on the old Ampex 440 and some even pre dates the material that was released on the Goaty tape! We'll do an official post when we have the cassette in our hands for sale, but we just gave the okay for the art yesterday, it looks rad! Also we will be having a special house show/party/potluck here at our place for Mark's birthday, Friday May 18th! The show will be from 7-10 SHARP (gotta start early, most of the bands have kids!) Music will be in this order, throughout the house: C Section 8 (Drew rules, very neat synth/drum machine etc) Village of Spaces (Dan and Amy rule and they have a new band member to boot!!) Hammmer of Hathor (ever heard of 'em??) Tracey Trance (cool sounding stuff to be sure!) Potluck too, bring food, BYOB 196 Bryant Rd Unity Maine Although we really live in Freedom, our road intersects 137 at the Freedom Post Office, look for the old red house and barn when you see Raven Rd on the left. xoxo Heather/mark/sonny IMG_6282

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