Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Saw Isosceles" now uploaded to Free Music Archive!


The last release on Phase is so limited that I went ahead and uploaded  a digital version of the album to our Free Music Archive account, go here:

We promised physical copies of the cassette to a few folks and yes, we will mail those out, its just been super busy around these parts!

In other news we're playing a show at the wonderful Ro He Ge Magik Theater in Belfast on Aug 3 w/ Eggs, Eggs and other guests.

There's also a short Maine/New England tour in the works likely for October.

And hopefully recording this winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Hey I have no idea of how to get a hold of you guys! It is keelin btw. kyla & her husband james & their baby sage are visting maine in aug. I want to get you guys in touch. email me