Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another record review!

Here you go, this one from Art For Spastics (a radio show/blog in Davis California):

From Portland comes the first vinyl full-length by a duo of experimental musicians calledHammer of Hathor. I have seen Heather Vergotis skronk supremely on a baritone sax that's over half as long as she is tall in bands like Evolutionary Jass Band andFly!Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly! (she's also done stints inJackie O. Motherfucker). Mark Kaylorhas performed in AU, Ghost to Falco,Portland Bike Ensemble, the Oregon Artificial Limb Co., and the rather creative sorta-HC band Cells. I first took a keener interest in Mark when I saw him perform in a duo called Haiku Ambulance which conjured ghosts in feedback so awesomely when they performed in the echoey Fools Foundation (r.i.p.) in Sacramento a few years ago. I first saw Mark and Heather perform together in Cex Fucx, rather the psych jamrock dance-party vibe-charmer band which also featured Gabriel Mindel of Yellow Swans. I feared that it would be way too cheesy, but there was a cumulative effect of awesomeness that broke like a wave over a crowd of sweaty kids at Funcastle last year. So, I've seen these two do it all in so many different bands, I never know what to expect next when they appear in new formations. To be sure, I did actually buy the first Hammer of Hathor tape at that Cex Fucx show, and due to the lossy type-I cassette format, it was probably the one thing that I've heard from either of them which failed to leave much of an impression on me. But the sound of Tooth Eeth or Teeth Ooth--produced by Mike Lastra at Smegma Studios--is very detailed, separated yet synergistic, timbrally rich (and thereby vibrant), and increasingly rewarding upon repeat listens. As an improvisational record, the album's neatly composed and interestingly paced, too...two songs per side; one more demanding and confrontational workout (A-side begins with hints of lurching doom; militaristic rigor on B) followed by a soothing meditative piece of audio-Calgon to sweep you into a dreamstate. Look for it wherever you buy Mississippi Records releases....this is distro'd through them.

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