Tuesday, December 14, 2010

another review!

Here's what Norma Records in the UK had to say:

Rating: ecstatic This record left our Business Lady feeling ecstatic.
'Tooth eeth or Tooth ooth' is the work of Mark E. Kaylor and Heather Vergotis under the guise of Hammer of Hathor. These two sonic experimentalist have been involved in a number of obscure and abstract acts such as; CexFucx, Thee Oregon Artificial Limb Co, Cells, Au, Rubella (my personal favourite), Bunny, solo, Kinetic Harpoon (not to be mistaken for my dad's band Kid Harpoon), Htoo Trio, Ghost to Falco, Portland Bike Ensemble, FlyFlyFlyFlyFly, Evolutionary Jass Band, Egon Hegone. I've not heard any of these groups/ensembles/whatever so i might not be the best person to evaluate the works of Hammer of Hathor. Saying that, i'm really enjoying this record. Things kick off with a heavily strained honk of a guitar tone that is eventually accompanied by some low down, dirty ass, sludgy rock drums. It's dirgy and hypnotic!! In contrast the second tune (no titles i'm afraid) is a lo-fi, pseudo african jam that includes a strange string instrument i don't recognize. It's loose and cheeky and we at Normo HQ are digging it. The second side introduces a crazy tune that sounds like Beefheart's band jamming on three beats of music in constant loop forever. Also reminds me of an Oxes riff but i can't put my finger on which. The last tune is suitably vague an intriguing with it's use of japanese style drum thumps and random pan pipe/flute playing. This eventually makes way for a flurry of timpani style cymbal splashes that further reinforce the idea that this is some kind of buddha jam. Thought you'd like to know that the vinyl is white, the label is white and the artwork is peachy white on a white. Well white and well good. Recommended (at least by me...)!

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